"Paris of the East"

When having a look into the history of Kars, it will be seen that the city has acted as a witness to many occupations and wars. Free from any doubt, it will not be a mistake that the present mystic and magical atmosphere of the city is occurred because of all these events. When you go out from the pretty modern environment of Kar’s Hotel, there will be a city which cuddle you and is extended over the Neolithic age.

Some of the invaders are Seljuks, Karakoyunlus, Byzantines, Georgians, Ottomans, and Russians that is the last one. The one who stayed longer in the city is Russians. After this long occupation, they have left many cathedrals and stone buildings. These buildings add beauty and European atmosphere to the city. Besides being called as “Paris of east”, it has its own architectural culture.

Sarıkamış Ski Center

The same crystal snow of Alps, where world’s leading ski-runs are located, can again only be seen in Sarıkamış. Sarıkamış Ski Center, where the quality of the snow is certificated to be the same as that of the Alps, to exhilarate the sportsmen/women from all around the world.

As the complex is the broadest ski-run , it appeals to snowboard sports and another important property of the complex is that it is the longest ski-run in Turkey. The ski-run in Sarıkamış Ski Centers is an incomparable ski-run for those who want to start skiing or snowboarding. The equipment renting service and health services are perfect. Kar’s Hotel offers opportunity of transporting its customers to the Ski Center by VIP vehicles every day which is free of charge. To ski on the ski-run, which is surrounded by huge yellow pine forest trees, will be an unforgettable experience for you. With the advantage of being at the eastern part the ski-runs can be used until April. ( Detailed information... )

Ani Ancient City

Ani Ancient City, whose history is based on Catholic Era, can be fairly called as “city of churches and monasteries”. These huge monuments make its visitors live a visual feast by bringing past to life. Ani Cathedral, The Apostles’ Church, Gagik Church, Saint Krikor Church and Virgins Monastery are the historical monuments to be seen. In this ancient city, which is unique in the world, photograph fans can take mysterious and enchanting photos. If it is requested Kar’s Hotel provides transportation by private vehicles to these places.

Çıldır Lake

Çıldır Lake, which is the second biggest lake of Turkey after Van Lake, is green and peaceful in summer while it is totally frozen in winter. You can even eat fresh fish in the winter. The deepest point of the lake, which is 1959 metre high from the sea level, is 42 metres.

In winter fishing is done by breaking the thick ice layer on the surface of the frozen lake. Çıldır Lake promises enjoyable hours to its visitors with its peace of being in nature.


Doğubeyazıt, which is usually talked about with beauties such as Ağrı Mountain, Ishak Paşa Palace and Beyazıt Mosque, is a district of Ağrı. Due to its close location, Kar’s Otel’s customers can have the chance to see also this beautiful district. Doğubeyazıt, which is based on Urartians, has a historical touch which you will definitely want to see.

It is located in the southern east of Sarıkamış district and 2634 m high...

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Ani ruins are 48 km far away from Kars. It is near the Armenia border...

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Çıldır Lake, which is located on the Kars-Ardahan border, is 123 km2...

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