VIP hotel transportation service

Whenever it is wanted, private vehicle is provided to Kars Airport, Sarıkamış Ski Center or for sightseeing tours. (Please call Kar’s Hotel reception for VIP service)

Transportation by airlines

Kars Airport is 7km far way from the city centre. Kar’s Hotel, on the other hand, is only 10 km far away from Kars Airport and is located in the city centre. You can come to Kars Airport from anywhere in Turkey by eminent airline companies. It’s possible to arrive in Kars every day by two-way flights of Turkish Airlines from İstanbul and Ankara; by Atlas Jet from İstanbul. Taking a taxi from the airport to the hotel is fast and safe.

Kars Airport
+90 (474) 223 06 74

The airline companies flying to Kars:

Transportation by highway

The bus station is 3 km away from the city centre. The highway that enables Kars to reach the cities around Kars permits a comfortable journey. It is possible to come to Kars by eminent bus companies from all places in Turkey.

Kars Bus Station
+90 (474) 223 33 33 - 223 29 55 - 212 77 77

Transporation by railway

The train station is 1 km away from the city centre. There are connections of Kars-Ankara-İstanbul railway (via Erzurum-Erzincan-Sivas-Kayseri)

Kars Train Station

+90 (474) 223 43 98 - 223 43 99

Transportation from close cities to Kars

Erzurum Airport is only 1,5 hours far away from Kars city centre. You can call Kar’s Hotel reception for VIP service.

Distance between Kars - Erzurum is 203 km
Distance between Kars - Ağrı is 216 km
Distance between Kars - Erzincan is 389 km


It is located in the southern east of Sarıkamış district and 2634 m high...

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Ani ruins are 48 km far away from Kars. It is near the Armenia border...

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Çıldır Lake, which is located on the Kars-Ardahan border, is 123 km2...

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